How many Mics do I need for my event?

How many Mics do I need for my event? So how many microphones do you need for your event? This can be a difficult question as there are many different scenarios but in this article, we will discuss the basics so that you can be better prepared for your audiovisual event planning. We will cover which microphones should be used [...]

How to Choose a Projector for your Meeting

How to Choose a Projector for your Meeting   If your job involves setting up or conducting presentations on a regular basis, you may have run into the problem of trying to find a projector that will suit your needs. When looking for a projector, you may have discovered that there are a very wide variety of specs to consider, [...]

How to Order Sound Equipment for a Band or Concert

How to Order Sound Equipment for a Band or Concert   Have you ever planned an event featuring a band or even one musician? Many times event planners are given an equipment list which can sometimes be difficult to navigate. This often leads to miscommunication between the band and the audiovisual provider. So how can you be sure that the [...]

How to stop Microphone Feedback at your next meeting

How to stop Microphone Feedback at your next meeting Microphone Feedback is one of the most common disruptors to a presentation. Many presentations have been derailed when the sharp noise of a squealing microphone suddenly stops the presenter’s train of thought. We have all sat through that meeting wondering if and when the dreaded feedback will strike again. So can [...]

How to prevent AV mistakes

How to prevent AV mistakes We have all seen the dreaded Audio Visual blunder – from local seminars to nationally televised presidential debates.  They are impossible to hide and hard to gracefully recover from. This is the one element in any room or event space that is in full view of every one of your guests. You may be able [...]

How to Plan AV for Your Event

How to Plan AV for Your Event Before any event can come to fruition, careful planning must take place between not only clients and their meeting planners, but also with the Audiovisual team.  Here at Aventus, we strive not only to set high expectations for our events, but to communicate every step of the way so that our client’s vision [...]

Microphones for Large Group Discussions

Microphones for Large Group Discussions Imagine this scenario: Your company wants to host a discussion with 100 members. Of course, it is necessary for all of them to be heard and with a team that size, microphones are a must. But now to add to the picture: the event is part of a web-conference and at any given time, it [...]

Should you use an Outside AV Company or an in-house AV Company?

Should you use an outside AV company or an in-house AV company? Choosing the right Audio Visual provider is essential to the success of your event. Just like any other professional service, the people you choose to work with will have a tremendous effect on the overall outcome of your venture.  When planning a meeting or conference, the question will [...]

Selecting a Screen Size for Your Next Meeting

Selecting a screen size for your next meeting One of the best ways to communicate to your audience is not only to tell them your ideas but to give them a visual presentation. Audiences are proven to be more engaged and retain information when they are able to see the information. Many presenters get this right by utilizing projection screens [...]

How important is the Audio Visual aspect of your conference?

How important is the Audio Visual aspect of your conference?    This question is rarely asked and often overlooked.  Experienced conference planners know that the AV portion of any event can make or break the entire experience.  Sure, your attendees will remember the venue, the food, and of course each other. However, it is the stage set and stage presentation [...]


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