How important is the Audio Visual aspect of your conference? 


This question is rarely asked and often overlooked.  Experienced conference planners know that the AV portion of any event can make or break the entire experience.  Sure, your attendees will remember the venue, the food, and of course each other. However, it is the stage set and stage presentation that will often dictate how your guests will perceive every single one of these things.  From the moment they enter the room, a clean and impressive set will lead the way for the rest of their experience.

Believe it or not, a beautiful looking room will make the food taste better.  It will make the presentation resonate more effectively. It will make the guests more attentive and receptive.  It will even make networking with other guests easier and more enjoyable. This is why expensive restaurants, hotels, and even churches put so much effort into providing the guests with a beautiful initial impression.  If the presentations and speakers are central to your event, then it is imperative that you help make the delivery as effective as possible.

Help your presenters be the best that they can be – empower them with the tools and the setting to succeed.

Let’s talk about some of the major aspects of any successful AV set.


Any time a presenter speaks, it is absolutely essential that the entire audience can hear them clearly.  This may sound like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many times I have been witness to an inadequate sound set-up.  When presenting, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing reactions from the back of the room of people who clearly cannot hear you well.  As a presenter, it then becomes your job to try to rectify this live on stage, instead of focusing on the delivery of your message.  Of course, this quickly becomes detrimental to the entire experience for everyone involved.

Here at AVENTUS, we understand the importance of effective audio.  We will visit the venue prior to your event to look at the layout and acoustics of any given room.  We will then map the location of our sound system lay out in a way that is guaranteed to give both the closest and the farthest seat from the stage equal auditory pleasure.  Our goal is to ensure that the presenters are free to focus all of their attention on delivering their message, knowing that the sound will simply work.


In addition to being heard, your presenters will also have to be clearly seen! Lighting is probably the most overlooked aspect of any AV set, yet it is equally important to audio and video.  Lighting enables your stage to look great and at the same time works as a major factor in creating the desired room atmosphere.  Even just a few LED up-lights can transform a plain looking room into something quite extraordinary.

Good, functional stage lighting is essential, but decorative lighting like LED up-lights, gobos, or moving lights really provide a lot of value for the amount invested. As an example, a $100 monogram gobo on a dancefloor can instantly transform it into a personable and inviting area.

At AVENTUS, we will be happy to discuss the design options for any room or venue, and we will work within the color palate of your décor to seamlessly bring the room together.  Whether you are looking to create a clean and professional stage presence, or completely transform a space into something truly unique and memorable, our expert design team will be happy to help take your event to the next level.


This element of the audio visual set up is all about showing content to your audience effectively. The last thing you want is to spend countless hours designing and putting together a gorgeous video presentation, just to have half of the room not be able to see it when the big moment comes.

The size, orientation, and location of your screen(s) can be used to your advantage to help create the desired delivery of content. These aspects shouldn’t be an afterthought, and the perfect screen size in relation to the room size/set is actually quite scientific. The idea here is again to provide an equal viewing experience to every seat in the house.

Additionally, video displays can be utilized as part of your backdrop, stage set, signage, or even sponsorship opportunities built into your room. The configurations here are only limited by your imagination, and it’s critical to get this right.  To read more about the process of choosing the right screen size for your event, please click here.

At AVENTUS we will be happy to work with you in designing your video set-up.  We will visit the venue to take some measurements to ensure the screen(s) will fit in your desired space perfectly.  We will also be happy to suggest an ideal size and orientation for the screen(s) in relation to the rest of the room or room set. We can help you design a beautiful and unique video set up that will draw in the attention of your guests and help make the most of your content.


When you choose AVENTUS, you are setting your presenters up for success. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the production and make sure the AV is always running at 100%.  This way, your presenters can dedicate their focus to their presentation, and you can rest easy, knowing that everything is running smoothly.

From planning to execution, we will be with you every step of the way in helping provide you with a quality audio visual solution.

Our system of checks and balances ensures that every piece of gear is thoroughly tested for quality assurance prior to every event. Our expert live show technicians will ensure that the live presentations run smoothly, on cue, and that they are picture perfect. When you choose AVENTUS, you are choosing a quality experience you can be confident in.  Contact us for a custom quote today!


What are you waiting for?  Just give us a shout and see how we can help transform your meeting or special event into something truly extraordinary.

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