How many Mics do I need for my event?

So how many microphones do you need for your event? This can be a difficult question as there are many different scenarios but in this article, we will discuss the basics so that you can be better prepared for your audiovisual event planning. We will cover which microphones should be used for conferences and meetings as well as how many should be on the order.

First, which mics should your presenters use? Let us consider the options.

Option 1: Wired Podium Mic

Wired podium mics are a great option, as they are generally hassle free and cost effective. This is a great solution when multiple people are speaking in a row, each for a short period of time. This can be seamless as this doesn’t require the speakers to be individually mic’ed up. Another benefit is that this microphone will always stay at the podium, so that there is always a microphone ready to be used. Even though this is the most simple option, it can be helpful to have an audiovisual technician present, as many presenters vary in the distance they stand from the mic as well as in volume levels.

Option 2: Wireless Handheld Mic

Wireless handheld microphones are another great option as they can be used in multiple places throughout an event. These are ideal for panel discussions as they can be passed around easily. Another great application is as audience mics. Placing them on stands in the aisles for questions from the audience has several benefits as they can be easily moved around and there are no cables to tape down.

Options 3: Lavalier Mic

Lavalier microphones, also know as lapel mics or clip-on mics, are the ideal microphones for presenters who don’t want to be tied down to a podium. This hands-free microphone allows the presenter to be anywhere on the stage as well as walk into the audience area. Lavalier microphones are beneficial as well as they leave the presenter’s hands free to express himself as well as to hold a slide advancer.

Option 4: Push-to-talk Microphone Systems

Push-to-talk mics are generally used when a large amount of people need to interact for a group discussion or presentation. These microphones are ideal for large numbers of people as they allow each member to have control of their individual mic when they need to participate in the conversation. For an in-depth look at push-to-talk microphones, see Microphones for Large Group Discussions.

So How many Mics do you need for your event?

First, we recommend always utilizing a podium microphone for your event, even if you choose additional mics as well. This allows a microphone that is easy to access, especially when a quick announcement needs to be made during a break. For presenters, we recommend that they each have their own lavalier. This ensures that they all can sound check in advance of the meeting and that proper, individual eq settings can be made so that each voice sounds clear. Using a lavalier per presenter also ensures that each presenter will be good to go when it is their turn to take the stage. If there are multiple presenters and one mic per presenter is not an option, then a minimum of two lavaliers should be ordered to allow the mic’ing up of the next presenter during the current presentation. For panel discussions, one lavalier or one wireless handheld microphone should be used per person. Most discussions can move quickly, and important information can get lost when panelists are waiting for the microphone to be passed to them.  For panels consisting of ten people or more, we recommend utilizing the push-to-talk system though this does require that the panelists are sitting at a table. Finally, when selecting audience mics, we recommend one per aisle (though the outside aisles are not necessary to have microphones.) For larger rooms that contain longer aisles, it may be necessary to space out multiple microphones on stands throughout the aisle. This ensures more audience participation, as most audience members do not want to travel too far from the safety of their own seat.

Here at Aventus, we recommend going over the flow of your event with your audiovisual provider, to ensure that all microphone needs are accounted for. We strive to ensure that your presenters are equipped before they even step on the stage so that your message can stay in the spotlight.


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