How to Plan AV for Your Event

Before any event can come to fruition, careful planning must take place between not only clients and their meeting planners, but also with the Audiovisual team.  Here at Aventus, we strive not only to set high expectations for our events, but to communicate every step of the way so that our client’s vision can come to life.

So what should be considered when working with your Audiovisual team?

Venue Walk-throughs – It is common practice for clients to go to their venue in advance with their meeting planner. We recommend touring the venue with your AV team as well. Many room sets are influenced by the audiovisual set, so it is important to include AV early in the planning process. Factors such as stage size and screen placement often determine where chair placement can begin. When an event requires an AV technician to be present, it is necessary to designate a space that allows the technician to see everything on stage as well as on the screens and to be positioned to accurately hear the audio levels in the room. You generally also want the technician to be away from the front of the room, so a designated corner in the back is always a good bet.

General Information – Not only is it important for your Audiovisual team to know the overall flow of the event, AV teams will need to ensure that there is adequate time allotted to set up and tear down the sets. Providing your AV team with the times that they will have access to the room as well as a list of onsite contacts will allow this process to run seamlessly.

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Here are some common AV equipment considerations:

Audio  –  For the flow of the event, how many presenters will be speaking, and which type of microphones do they prefer? Is there sound included in videos or slides?

Video – Does the presenter wish to show slides or videos? Will there be multiple presentations so that the event requires seamless switching between devices?

Stage – What size stage will best enhance the presentation? Will traditional drape or a modern modular backdrop help command the audience’s attention?

Lighting – How many lights are necessary to illuminate the presenter to focus all eyes on the stage? Should the backdrop utilize up-lights or should fog and moving led lights be present to create a captivating atmosphere?

Recording – Whether capturing audio from a meeting or video recording a product launch, we know that your event is one you will always want to remember.

Here at Aventus, we strive to be transparent in our communication so that our clients can watch their clear expectations turn into reality.


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