Microphones for Large Group Discussions

Imagine this scenario: Your company wants to host a discussion with 100 members. Of course, it is necessary for all of them to be heard and with a team that size, microphones are a must. But now to add to the picture: the event is part of a web-conference and at any given time, it could be necessary for the viewers on the other end to hear ideas from any given attendee. So how do you ensure that each member has access to a microphone in order to interact with the online presenters? Does every attendee need their own microphone or can they share the mics? How many people can effectively share one microphone, without being disruptive when the mic must move to a new person? Is it even possible to utilize 100 or even 50 microphones simultaneously without getting the ever-dreaded feedback? And can the best audio technician even keep track of such a high number of microphones so that the diverse ranges of voices all are heard at a similar level?

The good news is there is a way that makes such a large number of microphones possible.

Push-to-talk systems are microphone systems that allow every audience member to have their own microphone as well as a small personal speaker (built into the base of the mic) to hear the other attendees. This system allows members to unmute their microphones with the push of a button or even activate the microphone by simply speaking into it. This allows far less microphones to be active at once, significantly reducing the chances of feedback. The system is also integrated with a control box that processes the sound in order to provide a consistent sound for each attendee. This equips the audiovisual technician in the room with the tools he needs to ensure that the end result is seamless.

So how many audience members can share one microphone?

Push To Talk Mics

Push-to-talk systems typically require the microphones to be daisy-chained together so it is not recommended to have more than two attendees per microphone as the microphone bases are not designed to be moved around due to the wiring. When sharing the microphone with more than one other audience member, participants become less likely to pass the microphone and resort to simply talking loudly. This hinders group discussion as only a portion of the room can hear and react to what is being said. Therefore, we always recommend that each speaker has their own dedicated microphone if possible, or at most 2 people per microphone.

These systems are ideal for discussions and are typically used in sets such as U-shapes or hollow squares. For video conferences, or when a recording requires every attendee to be heard, push-to-talk microphones are essential.

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