Selecting a screen size for your next meeting

One of the best ways to communicate to your audience is not only to tell them your ideas but to give them a visual presentation. Audiences are proven to be more engaged and retain information when they are able to see the information.

Many presenters get this right by utilizing projection screens or large TVs but often times the size of the screen is a consideration that is overlooked. When a screen is too small, audiences quickly become frustrated when they are unable to read what is in front of them. When a screen is too large, audiences (especially those in the front of the meeting space) are overwhelmed.

It is very common for AV companies to reduce the screen size in order to help save money on an order, however this usually comes with the high cost of disconnecting the presenter from the audience thus reducing their involvement.

So how can you determine the ideal screen size, so that even the people sitting in the back of the room will be engaged? Let’s start out with a basic formula:

Height of Screen = Distance to the furthest audience member / 6

So, for example, if the furthest seat away from your screen in the meeting space is 24’. Just divide 24’ by 6 which comes out to 4’. The height of your screen therefore would need to be a minimum of 4’ or 48” tall.

This is simply to give an estimate of the size as there are other determining factors.

Ceiling Height – The standard height for the bottom of the screen is usually around 4’ above the floor.

Obstructions – Often, ballrooms have obstructions such as pillars that can prevent audience members from having a clear line of sight to the screen. A simple solution is to utilize multiple screens so that attendees have more than one option to view the presentation. Many times, large center pieces on banquet tables, or even balloons can block the audience’s vision and actually take away from the presentation.

Conference Table – If the screen is in a board room, the bottom of the screen should start at least 6” above the table height.

IMAG – When projecting a live camera feed of the presenter, the purpose of IMAG is to give the audience a larger than life view. The audience members who are far from the stage can feel connected with the presenter as they are now able to see the presenter’s facial expressions through the magnified image. Therefore, when using IMAG, it is necessary to choose a screen size that will allow the image of the presenter to be larger than life.

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